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October Birthstone Jewelry

Tourmaline gems come in all the colors of the rainbow, but the one that was chosen to represent those born in October is the magnificent pink tourmaline. It is not a particularly rare gemstone, but it is exceptionally lovely. With a color palette that goes from almost transparent pink to deep fuchsia, this stone is as variable as it is mysterious. The tourmaline is a stone that represents artists and it is said that by wearing a tourmaline ring, one will be artistically and creatively inspired. Because tourmalines are not as rare as other, more precious gemstones, you are given a great opportunity to have the drama of a larger stone, or to have a flashier setting with lots of tourmaline stones for a much lower cost.

The pink tourmaline looks gorgeous in any setting, but if you are looking to play up the pink hues in this fun little gemstone, consider purchasing it in the rose gold setting. The pink tone in the gold will pick up the pink in the tourmaline, creating an ultra-feminine soft blushing effect. If you have a real girly-girl born in October, this is the perfect combination for her. For a more standout look, choose a white gold or silver setting. The flatter tone of this setting allows the pink tourmaline to really show off its spectacular color. The more traditional yellow gold setting gives a warm quality to the tourmaline, bringing out a richness of color in the stone, as only gold can.

Although most often used in birthstone rings, the loveliness of the pink tourmaline has earned this stone a place as the gemstone to represent the eighth wedding anniversary. This makes it a perfect and unexpected gift for the special woman in your life. It tells her that a love like hers may be as rare as a diamond, but it also has an everyday beauty worthy of being cherished, like the tourmaline. Along with its everyday beauty, the pink tourmaline has everyday durability. Though not as hard as a diamond, it is still one of the hardiest of the birthstones and is a great choice for those who wear their rings daily. Tourmalines are available in a variety of different cuts including, heart, marquise, round, princess, pear and baguette.

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