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Designers Picks

  • Cleopatra Double Halo Ring
    Cleopatra Double Halo Ring
    From $169.00
    Retail: $239.00
  • Irresistible Ring with Accents
    Irresistible Ring with Accents
    From $149.00
    Retail: $209.00
  • Ridge Accent Diagonal Peak Women's Ring
    Ridge Accent Diagonal Peak Women's Ring
    From $129.00
    Retail: $179.00
  • Victoria Double Halo Ring
    Victoria Double Halo Ring
    From $199.00
    Retail: $279.00
  • Fancy Stone Set Bow Ring
    Best Seller
    Fancy Stone Set Bow Ring
    From $129.00
    Retail: $179.00
  • "Bouquet" Rose and Heart Pendant
    "Bouquet" Rose and Heart Pendant
    From $109.00
    Retail: $149.00
  • "Trust" Linked Hearts Pendant
    "Trust" Linked Hearts Pendant
    From $179.00
    Retail: $249.00
  • "Feng Shui" Yin Yang Heart Pendant
    "Feng Shui" Yin Yang Heart Pendant
    From $89.00
    Retail: $119.00
  • "Gallery" Carved Hearts Pendant
    "Gallery" Carved Hearts Pendant
    From $99.00
    Retail: $139.00
  • Siobhán Celtic Knot Ring
    Siobhán Celtic Knot Ring
    From $119.00
    Retail: $169.00
Customize a Karma Ring with a special message engraved inside the ring and add the Personal touch with your Birthstones.
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    When you add an item to your shopping cart, it is our pleasure to offer you a free gift. Our little surprise will be included in your package when your item is shipped. We do that to show you our appreciation because we believe all of our customers deserve a special treat.
  • Quality Control
    Once an item is custom made, it is thoroughly inspected by our quality control team. They check the polishing, each of the stone settings, the engraving precision and the overall look of the piece to ensure that it meets Jewlr quality standards. Our ultimate goal is to deliver jewelry that will put a smile on people's faces and that can be proudly worn every day!
  • Hand-selected Stones
    You personalize the item online with the stones you like. Then, we hand-select each gem for you. Our team of stone specialists looks up your order and carefully chooses the gems to make sure you will have the best combination possible. That is mostly important for genuine stones because they are so unique in how they reflect the light, varying in shine and hues.
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