Diamonds & The 4Cs

Diamonds & The 4Cs


Hypnotic brilliance. Unmatchable strength. Timeless beauty. The diamond is more than just a gemstone. It is an ancient symbol of resilience and endurance. It is a promise of unending devotion and everlasting love. It is a timeless emblem of elegance, grace and refinement. It is the Forever Stone for your forever love.


Our mission here at Jewlr is to make sure that your diamond is perfect for you in every way. As part of the decision-making process, we want you to know as much as possible about the diamond you purchase and feel confident in the quality of your Jewlr piece. There are four factors to consider when determining the quality of a diamond, known in the industry as the 4Cs: Cut,Colour, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Let the 4Cs be your guide as you create your Luxury Bridal Collection diamond engagement ring.


Diamond Cut
Diamond Cut

Proportion, symmetry and polish make up the cut of a diamond. These factors affect a diamond’s appearance in three ways: fire (the rainbow-colored sparkle seen when a stone is exposed to light), brilliance (the colorless light that shines from the diamond), and scintillation (flashes or sparkle seen when a diamond is in motion). At Jewlr, we offer only diamonds ranked as Good,Very Good, or Excellent Cut to ensure the very best in quality and value.


A Good Cut reflects most of the light that enters through the table, but less than that of a Very Good Cut. Good Cuts represent about the top 25% of diamond cut quality.


The Very Good Cut represents the top 15% of diamond cut quality. It reflects near the same amount of light as an ideal cut diamond, but at a lower price point.


Excellent Cut diamonds are quite rare and reflect the most light entering the stone. Representing the top 3% of diamond cut quality, Excellent Cut may also be referred to as Ideal Cut.



The classic round brilliant cut remains the most popular, but diamonds are available in a variety of shapes. With Luxury Bridal Collection Signature setting, Jewlr is proud to offer a selection of styles that are timeless classics: round brilliant, oval, and princess. Look for more styles available soon.

Round Diamond


The quintessential engagement ring shape with a perfectly circular top, a round brilliant diamond is the symbol of a love that never ends.

Oval Diamond


Oval diamonds are a nod to tradition with a splash of individuality. An oval diamond can be cut to the same brilliance as a round stone, making it just as elegant and unique as its wearer.

Princess Diamond


With its unmistakable sparkle, a princess cut diamond demands attention. Prepare to catch eyes, turn heads, and feel like royalty.


Diamond Clarity


Carat is the measurement of a diamond by weight. The standard is 1.00 carat = .20 grams. Certain factors can make a stone look larger than its carat weight such as the size of the crown and the shape. Round, oval and marquise cut diamonds will appear larger to the eye, while princess cuts may look smaller. Keep in mind, carat alone does not determine the value of a diamond.

0.50 ct

Carat Weight

0.70 ct

Carat Weight

1.00 ct

Carat Weight


Clarity grades diamonds based on internal flaws and external imperfections. Known as inclusions these flaws refer to clouding and pinpoints within the stone, as well as scratches or nicks on the surface. Clarity is graded on a lettered and numbered scale, ranging from I3 (Included) to FL (Flawless).

Diamond Clarity
Diamond Clarity
Flawless (FL)Visible
Inclusion (I3)
Diamond Clarity

The One


Finding the perfect diamond is a journey, and we want to help make it a joyous one. Whether you're looking for a special shape, a certain grade of clarity or that special sparkle, let our Jewlr diamond experts guide you. As you build your Luxury Bridal Collection diamond engagement ring, look for Jewlr's THE ONE diamond seal. This is both a purchase suggestion and a promise: that this diamond is not only "the one" for your one and only, but also the best quality and value we can offer.

The One Diamond Seal



At Jewlr, we believe the most beautiful diamonds are those that are responsibly sourced. We understand that our customers care about the origins of their diamonds, and therefore have committed to maintaining the highest of standards when it comes to the diamonds we sell. Proudly North American, Jewlr fully supports local and international initiatives adhering to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), and various United Nations agreements in the effort to eradicate “blood diamonds” and uphold ethics within the diamond trade.

Our diamonds are conflict-free, and obtained through reputable suppliers in the industry who also adhere to the KPCS and similar efforts. Legitimate trading of diamonds can be a source of positive change in many developing nations.

Be confident that our diamonds contribute to a more ethical industry and a brighter future for many.


Your One & Only engagement ring will include a certificate of quality assurance from either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI) for your diamond, and will be sent with your ring. As the most prestigious international association of its kind, the IGI Laboratory Report is the language of trust amongst reputable jewelers and jewelry suppliers everywhere. GIA's establishment of the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System has set the standard for determining diamond quality worldwide. Know that when you receive a GIA/IGI report with your diamond purchase, you hold in your hand a guarantee that your diamond is the very best available on the market.


Your diamond is guaranteed to be certified by one of these two prestigious gemological laboratories.

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