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Birthstone Jewelry
Birthstones are gemstones that are traditionally associated with the twelve birth months of the year and are available as genuine or synthetic gemstones. Birthstones have been around since ancient times, and in those days were believed to possess some magical force that could protect the owner or wearer of the stone. These birthstones were traditionally linked to the Zodiac. Modern birthstones are linked to calendar months, and each month has its own unique birthstone. Many people love to wear jewellery set with their birthstone, as the ancient meanings and associations with these stones still intrigue them.

What is the difference between synthetic gemstones and genuine gemstones?
The only difference is that synthetic gemstones are grown in a laboratory vs. genuine gemstones that are formed in nature. In order for a laboratory grown gemstone to be called synthetic, it must have a genuine counterpart and must match in chemical and physical properties i.e. crystal structure, chemical composition, hardness etc.
Genuine gemstones have taken millions of years to form, deep within the earth. During the formation, different oxides have mixed, creating different colors within the same gemstone group e.g. sapphires (pink, yellow, purple, blue etc). However, because these oxides enter in different quantities the colors between the same gemstone e.g. blue sapphire, can widely vary and are difficult to match in a piece of jewelry. No two genuine gemstones are identical. The benefits of synthetic vs. genuine is that the colors in synthetic gemstones are consistent and can be easily matched. They are also more affordable than a genuine gemstone of the same size, color and quality e.g. ruby, sapphire and emerald, since the colors of synthetic gemstones usually replicate a fine quality genuine gemstone.

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