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Diamond Curation


At Jewlr, we believe that when it comes to diamond shopping, the simplest approach is the best. With so many factors to consider, the excitement of purchasing a diamond ring can turn to intimidation. To help you on your journey, our in-house diamond experts have developed a simple process to guide you to your perfect diamond.

Jewlr's “THE ONE” seal indicates the best value diamonds on the market. Handpicked by our certified gemologists and diamond buyers, these are curated combinations of clarity, color and cut that offer the highest quality for your budget. These combinations will vary depending on the carat weight and shape of the diamond (ie princess, round, oval). Our in-house experts have developed the below infographic to better explain the relation between price and overall appearance.

The price of a diamond can drastically increase when choosing certain grades of clarity, color and cut. Too often, these significant price jumps are not reflected in the actual look of the diamond. In other words, you pay more for a diamond with features and characteristics that can only be seen under a microscope. When shopping for a diamond, rethink the idea of simply buying the most expensive stone you can afford. Instead, use Jewlr's “THE ONE” seal to guide you to the most beautiful diamond for your budget.

Our gemologists have taken the guesswork out of finding the perfect diamond. While browsing our collection, look for Jewlr's THE ONE diamond seal. This symbol indicates the that our in-house experts have analyzed and recommended for your ring. THE ONE diamond seal is our promise to you, that you are selecting the diamond that meets your specifications and is of the highest quality.


Your One & Only engagement ring will include a certificate of quality assurance from either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI) for your diamond, and will be sent with your ring. As the most prestigious international association of its kind, the IGI Laboratory Report is the language of trust amongst reputable jewelers and jewelry suppliers everywhere. GIA's establishment of the 4Cs and the international Diamond Grading System has set the standard for determining diamond quality worldwide. Know that when your receive a GIA/IGI report with your diamond purchase, you hold in your hand a guarantee that your diamond is the very best available on the market.


Every happy ending has a beginning, and the story of The One and Only Signature Collection is no different. It all started when we at Jewlr decided that true love deserves a special celebration. All of of our customizable pieces are beautiful in their own way, but an engagement ring is something truly special and deserves to be treated as such. We decided to create a collection as beautiful and timeless as love itself, while still maintaining our commitment to a personalized experience. Shop the ONE+ONLY Collection today.