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November Birthstone Jewelry

This lovely piece of golden quartz is the birthstone for folks born in November. Wearers of this gemstone are said to have an increase in health, hope and spiritual energy. The citrine gets its name from the French "citron," meaning lemon. You can find citrines in varying shades of yellow golden brown, from pale lemon yellow to deeper whisky brown. Though lovely, the citrine is not a rare gemstone, and large deposits can be found in Brazil, Bolivia, and Spain. Due to the citrine being in relative abundance, you can find large and dramatically cut stones at reasonable prices.

The citrine looks lovely teamed up with accent diamonds and can be cut into many different shapes including marquise, round, baguette, princess, heart shaped and of course, round. It is one of the more durable birthstones and is a terrific gem to be worn every day. Teamed with a lovely pair of citrine earrings or necklace, this birthstone ring looks exceptionally lovely with a smart earth-toned business suit or a lovely bronze summer tan.

When choosing a setting for your citrine birthstone ring, you should consider what you are looking for in a ring. If you are selecting a style with a cluster of small citrines, you might want to try a yellow gold setting to help bring out the warmest butterscotch tones of the gems. If you choose a style with a larger, more dramatic citrine, consider a white gold or silver setting to allow the stone's color to be the focal point. If you want to play with the orange undertones associated with citrines then choose a setting of rose gold. has a large selection of citrine rings to choose from with hundreds of different setting options. You can find the perfect ring for your favorite November girl, whether she is your seven-year-old daughter, your beautiful wife, or your adoring mother. You can also have the rings engraved with a date or name on the inside of the ring, or on some styles, right beside the gemstones. This gives the birthstone ring that extra special touch that makes the ring truly unique.