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Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Those born in September are extremely fortunate to have the deep rich blue sapphire as their birthstone. This beautiful stone is said to bring the wearer wisdom and insight. One of the four precious gems, it is graded with the 4C's (cut, clarity, color and carat weight) just like a diamond. A quality sapphire should be cut with facets to show off its mysterious depth and it should be of good clarity and as free of imperfections as possible. Sapphires vary in color from white to pink to the more common blue, but the most valuable sapphires are cornflower blue. Like diamonds, sapphires have become more rare and are thusly more expensive the larger they are.

Sapphire jewelry is designed to show off the beautiful blue of the stone and to stylishly grace the hand of the woman or man who wears it. Sapphires look equally beautiful set it white gold, silver gold, rose gold or even silver. They are available in a number of different cuts, including heart-shape, marquise, pear, baguette, princess, and round brilliant. If you are looking for lots of shine and sparkle, then a ring with a princess or round brilliant cut is a good choice. If you want something unconventional try a marquise or pear-shaped stone, and for a piece of understated elegance, you will want to purchase a ring with baguette cut jewel. The birthstone ring styles themselves are as equally varied. From a simple sapphire solitaire to a dramatic modern design, to an impressive sapphire and diamond cluster.

Because sapphires are a rare and precious jewel, September blue sapphire birthstone rings tend to have smaller stones than some of the other months, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in exquisiteness. Sapphires and rubies are the second hardest gemstone after the diamond, which makes them durable, and a great piece of jewelry for wearing every day, as well as a super choice for children and teens. To make your birthstone ring extra special, it's always a nice touch to engrave your date of birth or the day the ring was given on the inside of the ring. This makes the ring unique and one-of-a-kind. A sapphire birthstone ring is a piece of jewelry that will always be treasured.

Featured September Birthstone Ring

Bezel Princess Stone with Channel Accents in the Band Ring

Personalize this dramatic ring with a princess cut September Sapphire.