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The BUYITFORFREE program is a simple reward program that gives Jewlr customers the ability to receive Cashback rewards of up to a maximum of the amount they spent at Jewlr. Customers earn Cashback rewards by referring friends to Jewlr. Each time a friend makes a purchase, the customer earns a 10% Cashback reward that is credited directly to the customers credit card or PayPal account or gift card.

How it Works

The process begins when a customer makes a purchase from Jewlr.

After the purchase is complete, the customer is provided with a Personal Link. The Personal Link is included in the order confirmation email that is sent to the customer after purchase. The Personal Link (and corresponding promo code) is necessary to identify which customer referred the friend to Jewlr.

The Personal Link is a simple URL that, when clicked, redirects the shopper to the homepage of Jewlr. It contains information that identifies the referring customer so that when the friend makes a purchase, the referring customer can receive a reward.

Your friends will all receive an automatic 10% site-wide exclusive discount. This special discount can only be received by visitors who are referred to Jewlr by a Jewlr customer.

Pending credits will be processed and paid 4 to 6 weeks after the expiration of your promo code. Payment will be made to the original source of payment (credit card or paypal or gift card).

The customer can accumulate credits from multiple friends’ purchases to a maximum of his or her original order total (excluding taxes and shipping) for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase (or 60 days if the customer pays using PayPal).

The customer can login at any time to the your My Account, where the customer can view their orders, pending Cashback credits, and retrieve their Personal Link.


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