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Sketchfab Disrupts Traditional Banner Advertising

Originally published 2017/05/11 at prweb.com.

JEWLR, a progressive jewelryry e-commerce shop, is using Sketchfab, the world's largest platform to publish, share and discover 3D content online to disrupt the world of traditional banner advertisements.

sketchfab.com releases a 3D advertising case study and pilot program.

One of Sketchfab's main goals has been to push the boundaries of 3D/VR, and we are constantly searching for innovative and disruptive applications for our technology. Recently, in partnership with JEWLR, an innovative online jewelryry marketplace, Sketchfab has enabled the use of their 3D viewer in a series of banner advertisements.

This partnership proved to be a massive success, delivering a 147.66% ROAS (return on ad spend), a major increase over JEWLR's traditional banner advertising efforts, as well as improving the quality of their advertising traffic by decreasing their bounce rates by up to 53.38%.

To summarize these efforts and provide advertisers with a chance to test this disruptive technology, Sketchfab has released a case study along with a pilot program.

To see the case study and sign up for our pilot program visit:

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