Can I Collect Jewls On Past Purchases?

You can start collecting Jewls from the time you sign up and create your VIP Rewards account.

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Do I Earn Jewls For The Original Price Or The Sale Price?
You will earn Jewls based on the final price you pay for an item. If an item is on sale, the Jewls will be calculated on the sale price.
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Do I Get My Jewls Or Money Back On A Return?
Your Jewls will be returned to your account, and any additional funds you used to purchase your order will be returned in the original form of payment.
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Do I Still Get Jewls On Items I Buy Using Jewls?
You will receive Jewls only on dollars spent. If you redeem Jewls toward a purchase, you will only receive Jewls for the balance paid after redemption.
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Do My Jewls Expire?
Yes - Jewls will expire after 365 days.
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