What kind of straps do you carry?

We offer a choice of adjustable quality strap styles, designed for the perfect fit:

  1. Leather Straps: Comfortable and classic, these straps are made of genuine leather and fit our 40mm, 36mm, and 32mm dress and 40mm field watch styles.
  2. Mesh Straps: Simple and stylish, these straps are made of finely woven stainless steel and fit our 32mm and 36mm dress watches.
  3. Link Straps: Modern and durable, these straps are made of solid link stainless steel or link-style premium silicone and fit our 38mm sport watches. 
  4. Nato Straps: Washable and rugged, these straps are made of woven premium-grade nylon and fit our 40mm dress and field watch styles.

To view our strap styles and fits, click here

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